FAQ Mi-pod

Most frequent questions and answers
Give us a call at (1800-768-9982) Monday-Friday 8AM-6PM Arizona time or send us an email at (support@smokingvapor.com) You can also shoot us a Facebook message or contact us through Instagram

The Mi-Pod will flash red three times when you turn it on or off. It will light up blue when it is charged fully upon inhale, purple when it’s at half a charge, and red when it’s dead.

The Mi-pod stealth mode is activated by holding the power button for 5 seconds, then you will see the blue light flash 2-3 times.  

The Mi-pod has a 1-year manufacturer’s defect warranty it covers any internal malfunctions. The warranty does not cover lost or stolen products or user error damage.

Yes, you can use any juice, however for the longest use of your pods we recommend a 50/50 blend or 70/30 PG/VG ratio juices, but any blend works. You can also use any Salt based juice with our pods as well.

The pod can last up to 5 refills however this does depend on juice you are using as well. If you’re a more frequent vapor and are using thicker juices, expect the shorter end of this. 

We reach out to people who we wish to sponsor. That doesn’t mean that if you send us a message through our Instagram we won’t give your page a look. But for most of our sponsorships, we will reach out to you.

We suggest it, yes. We suggest using a folded-up paper towel, or even a Q-Tip. Just remember to be very gentle when wiping down the inside of your pod. 

It depends on how heavily you are vaping; normal use is normally 24 hours.

  1. Turn it off
  2. Take the pod out

You can either call our help line at (1800-768-9982) or you can shoot us a facebook Facebook message or send us an email at support@smokingvapor.com